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Taylors Fine Sapphires

Michael and Jane Taylor
Welcome You to Fine Australian Sapphires


Welcome to Taylors Fine Sapphires, where you can discover some of the most exquisite and ethically sourced Sapphires from the Gemfields of Central Queensland.

As a family-owned and operated business with over 36 years of experience in sapphire mining and trading, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. All of our sapphires are extracted in an environmentally responsible manner, and our workers are treated fairly and with respect.

See a wide selection of sapphires in various colors, sizes, and shapes, including blue, yellow, green, and parti-colours. Each sapphire is hand-selected and cut to perfection by Jane Taylor to bring out its natural beauty and brilliance.

Try on unique and exquisite jewellery pieces that reflect individual style. We offer a personalized and enjoyable shopping experience at Taylors Fine Sapphires. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

At Taylors Fine Sapphires, we are passionate about sapphires and strive to share our knowledge and expertise with our visitors.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, we invite you to explore our collection of Fine Australian Sapphires and discover the beauty and magic of these precious gemstones.

Michael is an awarding winning Gemmologist and Jane is a Gem Cutter and they both love living and working in Rubyvale.

We came to the Sapphire Gemfields on our honeymoon in 1986 it was an exciting time as the area was having a successful mining period - Gem Fever Struck!  So we immediately started mining and this success led to the opening of our shop ‘Taylors Fine Sapphires’ in Rubyvale. Specialising in local Sapphires and unique Jewellery.

Our showroom and workshop offer Fine Australian Sapphires which are faceted in-house to guarantee the cut and clarity.  We are renowned for our quality workmanship and original, creative jewellery designs.


The showroom is onsite at Rubyvale Motel & Holiday Units

Michael & Jane offer Fine Australian Sapphires and Jewellery not seen in commercial Jewellery outlets. Browse through our gallery or visit on our online Jewellery Shop -


The perfect Gift when your not sure which piece of Jewellery to pick - A Gift Voucher! 

Pick the Ring or Pendant and simply use the Gift Voucher Code at checkout -To use online visit:

or by phone or in our shop. 

Jane cutting
Taylors Fine Sapphires

Unique and 

One of a kind!

The Australian Sapphires featured here are all mined on the Sapphire Gemfields and faceted in Rubyvale by Michael and Jane Taylor. Jane selects the best colours and clarity to facet deciding on the shape as she preforms the gems. Whilst cutting the design ideas for the piece of Jewellery start to take shape.

Free Express Post - Gift wrapped and Jewellery Certificate come with your purchase - Spoil that someone Special!

We can resize a ring here in Rubyvale generally same day.

For further information please contact Michael and Jane Taylor by phone or email.

The Sapphires are all select stone cut in-house to guarantee the best cut and clarity. 

All Jewellery comes with a written authentication certificate - Michael is a Registered Gemologist F.G.A.A.

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Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring
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