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Your Very Own Sapphire Fossicking Experience Begins!

This “Fossickers Kit” contains everything you need to become a Sapphire Fossicker in your own Backyard.



Fossicking Kit: Your Very Own Sapphire Fossicking Experience Begins!

  • All tools are used daily on the Sapphire Gemfields. We share our  “Sapphire Bearing Wash” with you that we mine here in Rubyvale – so we can guarantee you will find Sapphires. The luck side is finding good quality that will cut and facet and you won’t know until you have fossicked through the whole 3 kgs!

    Sapphire colours we mine here in Rubyvale are Blue, Green and Yellow and mixtures of those colours.

    The Next Step:

    Once you find your Sapphires – post them to us for appraisal. Turn your Sapphires into jewellery, keyrings, ornaments…….
    both rough and cut

    This is perfect for those who have visited the Sapphire Gemfields and now have Gem Fever –  Enjoy the fossicking experience at home.

    Or for those who have visited the Sapphires Gemfields and want to share with partners, family, grandkids or friends.

    Or perhaps, you haven’t visited the area, and simply want to see what the hype is about and find some treasures in your own backyard.

    We created this Box to be convenient and a true capture of becoming a Fossicker – so the box contains everything you need, except 2 jugs of water. The kit contains quality tools that can be repeatedly used in the future with the subscriptions.And when you’re done, you can simply pack it all up into your provided container to stay neat and tidy until next time.

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